About Us

Fox Developments is a small, independent consultancy firm based on the beautiful North coast of Somerset. We have one key purpose; to help small businesses be more in control and focused on their direction for growth.

Control and direction can take many forms at any point through the life of a business. Not only when you’re just starting out but also when things aren’t going to plan.

Conceivably your circumstances may have changed, or your product has evolved and taken you in a new direction or to unexpected territory.

Focus can then become a challenge.

  • How do we turn a great idea into a functioning business?

  • How do we turn our established venture into an effective and efficient operation?

  • How do we control our business to deliver greater profit margins?

  • How do we propel our business onto the next stage of success?

  • How do we do all of this and still run the business?

Are these questions you have asked yourself?

Because I did. Many times!

Sometimes in business we can’t see the answers because we are so immersed in the operations that it takes a fresh pair of eyes to help us gain clarity.

Through many years operating businesses in the hospitality, leisure and gambling world, businesses large and small, those external viewpoints have been invaluable to me. They have helped me cut through the confusion, engage my team, learn how to effectively prioritise and deliver results.

They have inspired me, encouraged me and contributed to my success. They’ve also understood when things didn’t go to plan and helped me recover or learn from those mistakes. Because we all make mistakes – how else do we learn?

My role at Fox Developments is to be that person for you.

I bring with me business degree and industry related qualifications. Also, a wealth of corporate experience gained across a range of very different businesses & a national award for my business innovation; this is all experience that can be transferred to your business.

Furthermore, I bring in a small team of skilled people when needed – people who I choose to work with because they are exceptional at what they do.

Lastly, I bring understanding & an open mind; there is no pin-stripe suit, briefcase & stuffy attitude – more importantly, there is always honesty, integrity & professionalism.

I look forward to working with you.

Managing Director