Fox Developments Services

The services offered by Fox Developments are focused on some of the biggest challenges we face in business and the most common mistakes we make. We take a straightforward approach which is intended to

  • provide transparency around strategy & purpose
  • improve operations
  • focus direction
  • instigate positive change

Every client and business are individual therefore, our packages and services are interchangeable to compliment every project demand.

Take a look at our key packages below and call us to discuss how they can be tailored to suit your business.

Full Business Review

Just like we service our cars and have regular health checks, it makes sense to review our business at various intervals.

Whether this is to help us grow, get back on track, identify opportunities & threats or to regain our own work-life balance.

An in depth investigation and analysis from an external perspective is a great investment. Without having to balance the distraction of the internal operations, these reviews can provide great insight into processes, performance and opportunities to grasp.

This service can include a review of all operations and processes to establish the following:

  • pinpoint inefficiencies and improve cost effectiveness
  • aid compliance and outline any requirements
  • the customer experience and ways to enhance customer engagement
  • value being derived via marketing activity
  • financial opportunities and priorities
  • team structure, training, recruitment and development requirements

Cost & Control Analysis

The aim of this review is to establish how healthy your operation is, how tightly it is controlled and how it can be improved. Whether this is looking at alternative processes, streamlining costs or adopting new behaviour and approaches, the goal is always the same; to increase profit.

This service can include:

  • stock take and purchasing audit
  • review of financial processes, performance, budgets and expenditure
  • revision of suppliers, contracts and product options
  • exploration of new business streams or value additions

Competitor & Market Analysis

How well do you really know your customers? Are you certain about your competition? What is happening currently in your market place?

In today’s business world, changes and trends constantly and rapidly evolve. Sometimes we don’t keep up or we make assumptions. We will help explore:

  • your market & customer demographics
  • analyse your competition
  • pinpoint threats to combat and opportunities to attack
  • define your place within your market and your USP

Strategic Business Planning

Just because a business is small, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a strategy or think big! Without purpose there is no direction or goals to achieve.

So, how can you measure success if you don’t know what success looks like?

By creating or refining a strategic plan, that’s exactly what we are pinning down; the purpose of the business and the route ahead. Success doesn’t happen overnight and it rarely happens by accident; it takes focus and determination.

This service intends to give you the structure for delivering that success but in a format that is relevant to your individual business. We will establish:

  • vision & mission
  • aims & objectives
  • the steps to success
  • how & when success will be measured
  • the operational plan to deliver the strategy
  • the contingency plan

Team & Structure Planning

Are the people within your business actively engaged and contributing to your business? Does your team deliver your strategy? Perhaps the team has potential but not the tools or responsibility to deliver. Or perhaps you’re making do with the wrong team or without the right one.

This service will encompass:

  • current & ideal structure
  • team skill set & performance
  • development plans
  • recruitment plans
  • scheduling, responsibilities & role